You’ve taken your first step toward becoming a member of the Genghis Grill family! It’s important that you understand all aspects of our system, including what will be expected of you and how the experienced team at Genghis Grill can assist you in meeting these expectations as well as achieving your personal goals and objectives.

The Genghis Grill system is successful because of its unique energy and its commitment to some of the highest operating standards in the industry. If you are prepared to dedicate yourself to the same, we encourage you to investigate our franchise offering. The advantages to owning a Genghis Grill franchise are as numerous as the khanbinations available in our restaurants. Genghis Grill provides assistance through every phase of the development process, from site selection and design to training and hosting your Grand Opening. Since the inception of this fun and interactive concept, Genghis Grill has carefully built an experienced team of franchise and restaurant professionals to assist you. Our staff brings a wealth of experience from a broad cross section of the franchised food service industry and we can help you find solutions to any challenges you may face. Our concept, corporate culture and operational systems have been thoughtfully developed to provide you with the necessary ingredients to successfully Build Your Own Franchise!

What is Mongolian Stir Fry?
That’s a fair question.

It's actually not a cuisine, but an interactive style of exhibition cooking modeled after a centuries-old legend. According to this legend, 12th century Mongol armies, led by the mighty warrior Genghis Khan, heated their shields over open fires to grill food in the fields of battle. At Genghis Grill, diners' build their own bowls' from a selection of fresh meats, oils, vegetables, sauces, and spices in Khan's Kitchen (a food bar featuring an array of over 80 ingredients). The diner then hands the creation over to one of our Grill Masters, who cooks it on a large, round grill in a matter of moments. Call it build your own stir-fry fun, unlimited variety, interactive, and delicious! When it comes to Mongolian Stir Fry, we are the experts. After all, we are the Official Mongolian Stir Fry of the World. In the summer of 2001, we hosted eight Mongolian Judiciaries, including the Chief Justice of the Mongolian Supreme Court. We shared food and vodka, and took part in some traditional Mongolian rituals. The highlight of the evening was the signing of a declaration by the judges making us The Official Mongolian Stir Fry of the World.

A Brief History on Genghis Grill

Genghis Grill - The Mongolian Stir Fry is the brain-child of Dallas-based entrepreneur Jeff Sinelli. The restaurant first opened its doors in Dallas, an area familiar to Mr. Sinelli, as he had both owned and partnered several concepts in the city. The location was an immediate success and Sinelli started considering different growth plans. Genghis Grill launched its franchise program in August of 2001, due in part to an overwhelming amount of unsolicited interest in franchising the concept. The first eight franchises awarded were all through unsolicited interest by fans of Genghis Grill. The franchise program has attracted interest from coast to coast in the United States and as far away as Hong Kong and the Middle East. The Chalak Group under the banner, Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts, LP acquired the Genghis Grill system in 2004. The Chalak Group encompasses a team of young, intelligent, and focused entrepreneurs who also own and operate ALL Genghis Grill locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. With their leadership, the future of Genghis Grill is bright and promising.

Genghis Grill has the Industry Talking!
Franchise Times

Listed Genghis Grill as number one on its “Top Twenty to Watch” 2002 list. “Genghis Grill…has all the makings of a franchise with legs. The concept is interactive-you pick the meat (or seafood, poultry, pork) and add the veggies, sauces and spices you want, while a cook sears in the flavor on a hot, hot grill. According to one industry expert: ‘It has high entertainment value.’”

QSR Magazine

“If you take a thirty-one year old restaurant concept, add some twenty-first century marketing, and introduce an energetic owner who is completely immersed in his company’s culture, you’re likely to find the success taking place at Genghis Grill.”

Dallas Business Journal

“(Genghis Grill)…has the bricks and mortar and profits to back up the concept!”