Grill Builds New Empire of Hungry Followers

Genghis Khan was a true legend. From early life to long after his death, his legacy and influence spread throughout much of the world. Known for his ability to unify cultures through both strength and tolerance, his influence continues today, albeit in a more unlikely way. Mongolian barbeque restaurants such as the Genghis restaurant chain, or Genghis Grill, are tasty reminders of Mongolian culture that offer the best in diversity and dining through a fast casual restaurant experience.

Expansion. In much the same way that Genghis Khan was able to bring nomadic tribes of far different beliefs and practices together, the Genghis restaurant experience unites Americans from every part of the country. Locations in Florida, Minnesota, Arkansas, Texas, and Nevada, are just a few of the places where these Mongolian barbeque restaurants are bringing people together. In fact, you'll find a Genghis restaurant in 15 of the 48 contiguous states. With throngs of satisfied customers in and out of their doors every day, get ready for further conquest in the years ahead.

Unity. The United States is a melting pot of the world. Here, you will find African, Asian, European, Australian, and Hispanic descents. Each of these ethnicities represents different religions, different fashions, and different politics. Much like the multiple ways that Genghis Khan used to bring the Asian continent into the Mongol empire, Mongolian barbeque restaurants such as the Genghis Grill are taking these different experiences and allowing the people to find their own unique places within the "empire". By allowing patrons to build their own bowls, the Genghis restaurant chain encourages diversity and equality of flavor that has been a proven method of bringing this country together. Ask any person who has entered this fast casual restaurant what the best "bowl" is, and you will get an unending combination of answers. From chicken and crab to sausage and pepperoni, customers choose their proteins and spice things up with a bit of starch, seasoning, vegetables, and sauces. Choice lies with the customer. Genghis restaurants take care of the rest.

As Genghis Grill works to expand its influence, add speed and convenience to the list of features that truly benefit the consumer by visiting the official website. Build a bowl online, and you won't be overwhelmed with the choices ahead of you in the buffet line.

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