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In January 2008, Genghis Grill teamed up with Medical City Hospital in Dallas, TX to create the Heart Healthy Bowl Program. This program helps each fan create a bowl for them that is both healthy and delicious. To meet the criteria for the program, Genghis Grill had its recipes analyzed by a registered dietitian brought in by Medical City Hospital. Each ingredient in the recipe was checked based on dietary guidelines from the American Heart Association. Following these guidelines, each ingredient has levels of calories, total fat, saturated fat, fiber and sodium. Trans fats are not permitted in any of the recipes endorsed by the program. Since Genghis Grill has a food bar (Khan's Kitchen) featuring an array of ingredients, a unique sticker system was created so customers can identify ingredients that are part of the Heart Healthy recipe and build their Heart Healthy bowl. Every quarter Genghis Grill features a new heart healthy recipe. Make sure to look for the newest heart healthy bowl recipe inside the red heart holders, located next to the recipe cards.