Genghis Grill Adds Four New Appetizers, Drinks and LTO’s to New Menu

Genghis Grill Adds Four New Appetizers, Drinks and LTO’s to New Menu

New Appetizer, Drinks and LTO’s Add to Genghis Grill’s Experience

DALLAS, TX (April XX, 2012) – Genghis Grill, the largest build your own stir-fry chain in the United States, announces new appetizers, new drinks and new LTO’s to their newly designed menu. Genghis Grill adds the appetizers, drinks and regular LTO’s to give customers more options for their dining experience. Long known for their build-your-own-bowl concept, the stir-fry masters at Genghis Grill wanted to give diners additional choices beyond their famous stir-fry bowl. The four appetizers are Garlic Citrus Edamame, Chicken Potstickers, Chicken Summer Rolls, and Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

With these new additions, Genghis Grill presents an opportunity to their fans to not only enjoy building their own bowl but also enjoy other options. The appetizers allow fans to have a full rounded dining experience.

“Genghis Grill is not about ordering cookie cutter meals or ordering just a number. We want to engage with our fans and allow them to choose their own destiny when it comes to what they eat and by adding appetizers, it was logical to add them to our menu,” Jax Sperling, Director of Culinary R&D for Genghis Grill said, “these appetizers live up to the Genghis Grill tradition which is our fresh, hot, healthy and food.”

Also adding on to Genghis Grill’s newly designed menu, are new alcoholic drinks such as The Dragon Bowl Blue and the Thunder Cherry Blast.

“We also created a few drinks to bring more variety. Some favorites are The Dragon Bowl Blue, a drink where two to four adults can share and enjoy at the table and Thunder Cherry Blast is really fruity and gives off a tropical beach vibe,” Sperling added, “it’s just perfect for the summer.”