Open a Genghis Grill Franchise.

Thanks for your interest in joining our mission. Your journey toward opening your own Genghis Grill franchise begins here. As one of our newest recruits, you should understand all aspects of the way we operate. Our highly trained team will assist you in meeting our expectations as well as conquering your own goals and objectives.The Genghis Grill system is successful because of its unique energy and commitment to some of the highest standards in the industry. If you’re prepared to uphold such efforts, we’re happy to help you make it a reality.

The advantages of owning a Genghis Grill franchise are as numerous as the combinations available in our restaurants. We’re with you through every step of the process, from site selection and design to training and setting up your Grand Opening. Our staff brings a wealth of experience from a broad cross section of the franchised food service industry and we can help you find solutions to any challenges you may face. With these ingredients, building your own franchise will be as easy as building your own bowl.


This is the concept that Genghis Grill, the premier Build-Your-Own-Stir-Fry chain in the United States, is founded upon. Customers head over to the Fresh Market Bar when they arrive and choose from over 80 delicious, fresh ingredients to build their own bowl. They then hand it to our Grill Masters who cook their creation to perfection on a large, sizzling, circular grill.

In addition to our popular build-your-own-bowls, our new menu includes gourmet fried rice, street-style noodle bowls, Asian tacos, hand-tossed salads and several innovative Grill Master Creations that allow customers the choice to skip the line and order right from their table. Our new entrees are made with sauces inspired by Korean, Thai and Mongolian taste profiles, unique spice blends and, of course, all the fresh ingredients Genghis Grill is known for.

Genghis Grill first opened its doors in Dallas, TX in 1998, and the location was an immediate success.  The launch of our franchising program was due in part to the overwhelming amount of unsolicited interest in franchising our concept. The first eight franchises were all awarded through unsolicited interest from Genghis Grill fans. The franchise program has since attracted interest from coast to coast and as far away as Hong Kong and the Middle East.

The Chalak Group under the banner, Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts, LP acquired the Genghis Grill system in 2004. The Chalak Group encompasses a team of young, intelligent and focused entrepreneurs who also own and operate ALL Genghis Grill locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. With their leadership, the future of Genghis Grill is bright and promising.

What does it take to qualify as a franchisee for history’s greatest Build Your Own Stir Fry? Just take a look below.

Your Recipe for Success:

1. A willingness to take matters into your own hands. So far, you’re off to a great start.

2. Complete the Initial Franchise Application. We need to learn more about your goals and objectives and assess the available financial resources for the project you are considering.

3. We will present your personal profile to our Approval Committee. If accepted, our Franchise Development personnel will contact you to discuss your specific objectives and plans. We will then provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document, also known as a FDD. This document is a very detailed analysis of the opportunity as well as our company. It contains copies of contracts and financial statements, expense itemizations, lists of existing franchise owners, and much, much more.

4. Our Franchise Development department will follow up to make sure you have received the FDD and to answer any questions you may have at that time. You are invited to call any of our franchise owners listed in that document. We encourage you to review the FDD with anyone whose counsel you value, such as your attorney or certified public accountant. Please stay in contact with the Franchise Development department and feel free to ask any questions you may have as you incur them. The Franchise Development department will reach out as well to schedule a phone interview with you and the Approval Committee.

5. You, with the aid of your advisors, may be asked to complete a business plan which will be presented to the Approval Committee, thus assuring us that you have a full command of the scope of the project and its consistency with your personal objectives as well as those of Genghis Grill. Once accepted, you will be invited to come to Dallas for a final interview with the Approval Committee.

6. If you’re still reading, we’re pretty sure you’ve got what it takes to lead your franchise to victory. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can welcome you to the Genghis Grill franchise family! Now let's work together to get your Genghis Grill open and operating!


"Currently the following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of one of these states, we can sell you a franchise once we have complied with all necessary pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your particular state. This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise in these states. It is for information purposes only. Please contact us with questions related to registration status for any of the above mentioned states." Email us at


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Genghis Grill Has the Industry Talking
Dallas Business Journal
"(Genghis Grill)…has the bricks and mortar and profits to back up the concept!"
QSR Magazine
"If you take a thirty-one year old restaurant concept, add some twenty-first century marketing, and introduce an energetic owner who is completely immersed in his company’s culture, you’re likely to find the success taking place at Genghis Grill."
Franchise Times
"Listed Genghis Grill as number one on its “Top Twenty to Watch” 2002 list. “Genghis Grill…has all the makings of a franchise with legs. The concept is interactive-you pick the meat (or seafood, poultry, pork) and add the veggies, sauces and spices you want, while a cook sears in the flavor on a hot, hot grill. According to one industry expert: ‘It has high entertainment value.’"