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Our start-up support includes site review, construction assistance and access to architectural and design consultation. We offer personalized and comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training, on-site grand opening training and assistance, continuing marketing guidance, our exclusive supplier and purchasing programs and ongoing restaurant-level supervision, feedback and support.

Profit varies from store to store for both company and franchise locations. There is no single answer that would be correct for all stores and most importantly, for your store. The size and location of your restaurant as well as your commitment, reputation with customers, management and many other factors make it impossible to predict numbers. For these reasons, Genghis Grill does not project sales or profits of new or existing franchise restaurants. You can also contact our existing franchisees. However, the final estimates will have to be made by you.

YES. As the old industry adage says, "There are three important keys to success – location, location, location!" We are committed to the success of our franchise owners and will make our expertise available to you as you search for your own location. Although the final decision is yours, we will be there to assist you at every step of the process.

Genghis Grill supports and encourages multiple store ownership through its Multi-Unit territory development program.

We recognize that interest in Genghis Grill may come from those who are involved with other franchised concepts. In fact, we feel the more experience in other concepts you have, the more you will value what we have to offer. While we don't require prior restaurant experience, we believe that no one can appreciate the value of this opportunity like an experienced food service owner/operator. We encourage interest from other concepts as long as it is not competitive with Genghis Grill.

Absolutely not! We have worked hard to develop systems and procedures that anyone can learn. More importantly, our concept is very simple to operate compared to other food service operations. Our team will teach you and your staff our system, prepare you for your store opening, and provide ongoing assistance, as needed.

Approximately $346,600 to $973,500 depending on geography, size of store, configuration of store, and many other determining factors. This range is based on a leased location.

 It takes between sixty and ninety days to construct and equip a Genghis Grill after the site has been secured. *The leasehold improvements estimate assumes that you will lease the premises for the Restaurant and do not include costs of land acquisition and construction of a building. The estimate is based on the cost of adapting our prototypical architectural and design plans (including architect fees) to a facility containing approximately 3,200 to 4,300 square feet and will be affected by various factors like the location of the Restaurant and local market conditions.