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Bowl and ingredients

How it works

Here, you're the creative chef, building your bowl exactly the way you want it from dozens of delicious options, grilled to perfection.


Your meal is what you make it. Start with the freshest ingredients of your choice. Top them with signature flavors. Then watch us grill it up—Mongolian style—into a bowl that’s all yours. No matter what you’re craving, you’re always in control of your own, mouth-watering meal.


We've got meats—and you've got options. We're dedicated to top quality and wickedly tasty steak, beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu, and more. Or, skip them and roll with a great veggie bowl.
Flavor's always a fave. Spice up your life with 11 seasonings to make your bowl burst with flavor. Stand by salt and pepper, go with tasty yellow curry salt, or give the sweet ginger garlic a try. You call it, we'll bowl it.
Fresh is the key in any bowl. At the Genghis veggie bar, we serve the freshest: carrots, beans, broccoli, sprouts, tomatoes—over 30 choices. We've got your greens; come grab 'em.
Next up, the sauce. Set the tone for your bowl by choosing from our Signature 3G, Teriyaki, Korean BBQ, Pad Thai, Sweet & Sour and more! All of our sauces are crafted with your bowl in mind, so you can find that flavor sweet spot
You can style your bowl, pairing your seasoned meat, veggies, and sauce with rice, spiral pasta, or 5 other delicious options.
Your work is done here. Our grillmasters will take it over the finish line, grilling your creation to perfection, right in front of your eyes.


Any diet. Any lifestyle. Whatever you subscribe to, wherever you are - we've got options for you. Since you control what goes in your bowl - you can eat EXACTLY the way you want. Explore how to live Paleo, Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Low Calorie, High-Protein or Vegetarian and Vegan at Genghis - with recommendations, a guide and expert advice.