Kung Pao Shrimp


The folks at Genghis Grill share a recipe for healthy summer eating.

Kung Pao Shrimp

In the Bowl 
Protein: choice of  shrimp, chicken or tofu
Spices: three spoons each of salt and pepper
Vegetables: baby corn, yellow onions, carrots and green onions
Flavor: one scoop of garlic water

On the Side
Sauce: two cups of Kung Pao sauce

At the Grill
Base: fried rice
Garnish: peanuts

Get the grill or skillet hot.

Start with choosing a protein, in this case, shrimp. Add salt and pepper. Add vegetables to liking: baby corn, yellow onions, carrots and green onions.

For flavor, add one scoop of garlic water. Add two cups of Kung Pao sauce. If you like, make it healthier and keep the carbs down by not using the sauce and adding another scoop of garlic water or use two scoops of ginger water.

The base is typically fried rice, or even noodles, but for a healthier option, sub with shredded cabbage

Sriracha can also be added for an extra kick.

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