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Craveworthy Brands Announces Lori Cominsky as Vice President of Operations and Training

February 27, 2023
Craveworthy Brands Announces Lori Cominsky as Vice President of Operations and Training

Lori Cominsky has been named vice president of operations and training for Craveworthy Brands, a newly formed corporate franchisor. Cominsky will oversee the operations of the umbrella franchisor’s fast-food brands including Wing It On!, The Budlong, Krafted Burger + Tap and Lucky Cat Poke Company.

“The opportunity to propel brand growth is what I am most looking forward to, because each of the Craveworthy Brands concepts have so much potential and are really still in their toddler or infancy stages,” Cominsky said. “Like with the Mongolian Concepts brands that I work with, Craveworthy Brands gives me the opportunity to leave my mark on a portfolio of restaurant concepts that are being built on innovative platforms with tremendous white space available for nationwide growth.”  

She believes the team at Craveworthy Brands is strong and amazing to work with. “I was drawn to working with and learning from Gregg Majewski given his extensive knowledge and experience.” Majewski is CEO of Mongolian Concepts and Craveworthy Brands and formerly served as CEO of Jimmy John’s. Cominsky said she is excited to nurture Craveworthy Brands concepts and their teams as more restaurants open.

Cominsky’s Franchising Experience

Cominsky’s first exposure to franchising was with Corner Bakery Café. “When I came on board with Mongolian Concepts, the sister company to Craveworthy Brands, I worked with the franchisee network already in place to solidify my understanding of their operational preferences, wants and needs, and to gain an understanding of their individual markets. Through this work, I learned the ins and outs of the Mongolian Concepts brands, Genghis Grill, BD’s Mongolian Grill and Flat Top Grill,” which she will still shepherd. “Additionally, I was able to see what differentiates corporate-run restaurants and franchisee-operated, and how we support each type of operation.”

As she explored the franchising industry in different capacities, Cominsky most enjoyed the growth potential. Franchising opens the doors for immense brand growth, and in turn, “individual franchisees are able to grow their businesses while also providing opportunities for others,” she said.

“I am already stretching my abilities and leveraging my strengths in ways I haven’t been able to in my career thus far. This position allows me to work with a variety of Craveworthy Brands concepts, all of which are emerging. They range from Wing It On!, a brand with more than a decade of strong performance, to a newer concept like The Budlong and a few brand-new concepts in Krafted Burger Bar + Tap and Lucky Cat. As a result, I am able to not only be part of helping existing brands grow but also driving new businesses off the starting blocks.”

The Fast-Food Franchising Industry

Working in restaurants all her adult life, Cominsky has “come to know and love the industry. Becoming involved with franchising was not only a natural progression in my career, but has allowed me to grow my knowledge of and passion for the industry, as well as share it with others who are creating their own legacies in restaurant operations and ownership.”

The Craveworthy Brands umbrella franchisor follows a franchising trend, Comnisky notes, with multi-branded opportunities being used as a mechanism for growth. “As opposed to buying a brand and fully turning over its infrastructure, Craveworthy Brands adopts the existing executive team of its brand and finds ways to leverage the strengths and abilities within them.”

In Cominsky’s view, there has never been a better time to franchise. “Do your research and reach out to the brands that interest you. Keep in mind the leadership teams at the brands one may be interested in are always the most indicative of their performance.”

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