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Genghis Grill Enters 2023 with Momentum, Sights Set on Growth

January 25, 2023
Genghis Grill Enters 2023 with Momentum, Sights Set on Growth

Genghis Grill enters 2023 with a healthy serving of momentum behind it. Stocked with the 24 signed agreements it inked in 2022 and 23 locations already in various stages of franchise development, the brand is positioned for milestone growth.

“There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Genghis Grill,” says Gregg Majewski, CEO of Mongolian Concepts, the brand’s ownership group, which is also behind Flat Top Grill and BD’s Mongolian Grill. “2022 was a transformative year for our brand and we are in the perfect position to continue this upward trend in 2023.”

Known for its freshly prepared, nutritious menu, Genghis Grill conquered 2022’s unpredictable restaurant industry environment to drive a 3.3 percent increase in same-store-sales across its 31 corporate locations nationwide. The success of Genghis Grill is in large part based on its ability to adapt and constantly innovate. Focused on modernizing its operations and menu, the brand is now positioned at the leading edge of culinary trends. In November, Genghis Grill unveiled its reimagined VALUEBOWLS lineup, which it curated for fans with a focus on value, quality and variety. Shifting away from strictly customization to more chef-prepared menu items, including the new VALUEBOWLS lineup, Genghis Grill will roll out this year across the country six fresh, quick bowls all under $8 , which makes a total of 20 new bowls that are all attractively priced under $10.

“The most rewarding part of my work is rethinking how we can deliver even more value and loyalty. Genghis Grill’s new menu offerings are indicative of the brand’s evolution and unquestioned strength in the restaurant industry,” said Genghis Grill’s Vice President of Culinary, Becca McIntyre on crafting the 18 new menu items. “The all-new Genghis Grill menu we created offers a renewed take on how restaurants can stay current with what consumers demand today – fresh, full of taste, healthier, affordable and convenient.”

Beyond its menu, Genghis Grill also has the wheels in motion on a new restaurant prototype set to debut in Spring of 2023.Designed at less than half the size of today’s locations, future restaurants will optimize the guest experience through a smaller footprint. Locations currently in the development pipeline will adopt this modern, fast-casual layout that streamlines operations and strategically meets the needs and preferences of consumers. Integrating the latest technology, the new model fosters speed and efficiency with guests having the opportunity to be in and out in under 15 minutes of placing an order through the kiosk or a Genghis team member if they choose. And, to support incremental revenues now fostered through third party apps and online ordering, the restaurant prototype includes separate to-go order staging and pick-up areas, multiple curbside parking spots and the latest quick mobile-ordering technology.

Many of the brand’s existing locations are also scheduled for a remodel to further advance their value proposition, drive down operating costs, increase profitability and better align with consumers in their communities.

Plus, with its new menu and design prioritized, Genghis Grill is also zeroed in on guest loyalty. It has established a partnership with tech-enabled loyalty services supplier Punchh to maximize customer experiences by integrating affinity marketing programs into Genghis Grill’s marketing tech stack.

“The success of Genghis Grill in 2023 will come as a direct result of our innovative dining model that meets the needs of today’s modernized consumer preferences,” says Rich Guckel, Vice President of Development. “We are invigorated by our current momentum and the all-time high interest from restaurant franchisees and investors in our brand.”

As it enters 2023 on a high note, the brand has prime markets across the country ready for development and offers prospective franchisees a competitive opportunity.

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