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Satisfy Your Munchies This 420 With These Savory Picks

April 19, 2023
Satisfy Your Munchies This 420 With These Savory Picks

Never underestimate the power of the munchies, especially on April 20, when we tend to consume a bit more herb than usual. So before you get high this Thursday, make sure you’re stocked up on munchies of your choosing. Fortunately High Times puts together 420 munchie deals each year, so we have you covered.

April 20 is the time of year that we both celebrate and advocate for cannabis. The munchies phenomenon is fun and timely during this time of year. Plus, you may need to scarf down a hearty meal to balance your high.

This year, the High Times running list of munchie deals—some cannabis-infused and some non-infused—includes: Fatburger x Kiva, Roy Choi x TSUMo Snacks, Smashburger, Jack in the Box, Genghis Grill, Jimmy Johns, Munchpak, Snow Days x Cann, and more.

Genghis Grill’s $4.20 Bowl

Looking for a healthier snack, such as a delicious rice bowl? This year, Genghis Grill is giving its guests a new way to manage their munchies…and with a smokin’ good deal.

The original fresh bowl concept is offering $4.20 off all of their small and medium-sized bowls all day, thus encouraging fans with its one-day mantra to “PACK YOUR BOWLS” at Genghis Grill. The offer will be available online or in-store at all locations.

A special promotional code will be shared on Genghis Grill’s Instagram page, as well as with Genghis Rewards members in the leadup to the big day. In order to redeem the offer, guests must show the code in email, social post, and text message.

A big win for Genghis Grill fans, all Fried Rice Bowls, Chef Bowls, and Create-Your-Own Bowls will jointly be part of the promotion. The deal runs all day on 420 at all Genghis Grill locations.

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