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The Best 4/20 Deals on Fast Food

April 19, 2023
The Best 4/20 Deals on Fast Food

April 20 is almost here, and if that doesn’t immediately stand out in your mind as a national holiday, you probably don’t get blazed too often. It’s a day on the calendar to unofficially celebrate all things cannabis, and you can bet that fast food companies are ready to feed you in your hour of need.

These are some of the best deals for when you’re high and hungry on 4/20. Even if weed’s not your thing, you can still reap the benefits of this holiday by taking (toking?) advantage of some of these fast food discounts.

Genghis Grill: This national chain specializing in rice and noodle bowls is offering a discount of $4.20 on all of its small and medium bowls on 4/20. The deal is good online and in-store, but you’ll need to use the promotional code that Genghis Grill will soon share on its Instagram page, as well as via email, text, and mobile app.

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